Android Programming

Learning Android programming can be an overwhelming task for someone who is just beginning. Fortunately theres a wealth of knowledge out there and many of the Android engineers are very accessible and consistenly post great articles.  The following is a list of resources for anyone wanting to learn Android Programming or wanting to level up their Android dev skils. 

  • Commonsware - - This is probably one of the best books/resources out there. The author of this book is an expert in the field and he is very active in the community. If you dont believe me check out his StackOverFlow reputation . 
  • Professional Android Programming 4 - This is also an excellent book that covers a breadth of topics. Reto Meier works for Google and is always up to date on the latest Android news. He also has a Google Hangout show called the "App Clinic" where they review popular apps and they talk about a apps strengths and weaknesses. This book can be used for beginners but also has many advanced and unique topics such as how to make your app more "Accessible".    
  • Programming Android - This is very well written book and easy to understand with good set of unique topics and the example code is available online. This book is structured in three parts where the first part covers tools and Basics, the second part covers the Android Framework , the third part covers a Skeleton Application and the final part has advanced topics such as search, location, multimedia and sensors just to name a few.             
  • - I can't stress enough how helpful this website is. The answer to anything Android related is usually on this website and if you can't find an answer then just ask it. Chances are there is someone out there who has encountered a similar or problem or has the knowledge to give you a thorough answer. 
  • Android Programming for Dummies - This is the first book that I read when I started poking into Android Programming. The book is centered around building an application that sends out notifications and a screen widget. It is a very good read for beginners and those not very well versed in Java programming. 

Advanced Topics: 

  • Decompiling Android - This book covers how Android apps can be decompiled to obtain source code or to modify behavior. If you want to learn how better protect your source code then this book is a must read.